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MGA Vignolo, Nebbiolo for Barolo 100%.

Characteristics of the wine

Vinification: fermented with indigenous yeasts, macerated with submerged cap for 20-35 days.

Ageing: Traditional in Slavonian Oak Casks for 4-5 years.

Bottle Ageing: 12 months before release into the market.

Organoleptic Characteristics: From this cru come wines of excellent structure with tannins that are soft and sweet from early in its life.. The perfume is typically intense and open, evolving into an intense spiced fruit. The initial perfumes are fruity and then followed by floral aspects, then spices, all open and intense. Generally excellent cellaring potential, though the wine is very enjoyable at an early age.

Gastronomic Accompaniment: The wine is best with second courses of red meat in general, but also grilled fish, shellfish or white meats, or with hard and aged cheeses. Desserts with dark chocolate are also a good match, or it can be enjoyed as a “vino da meditazione” (a wine for meditiation) by iteslf.

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